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I have just managed to secure a week on the Scottish Dee on the Little Blackhall Estate from the 19th February 2007 to the 25th February.
It is one of the famous Dee beats and I am going to split the week in two as follows :
1. Seven rods fishing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
2. Seven rods fishing plus tuition ( if needed ) Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
The cost is £100 per day and includes accomodation at the luxurious Little Blackhall lodge, fishing and food. I have booked both the Little Blackhall and the Inchmarlo beats so we have both banks, This could be the last opportunity to fish this fantastic beat as all the weeks are now fully let and it looks likely that the prices will double in 2008
The spring Salmon fishing at Little Blackhall can be fantastic....Two years ago we had ten Springers and as many Kelts
We have the support of two experienced Ghillies and three fantastic huts.
Check out the website to view the fishing and the lodge:
Normally this week is taken by the owner but he has decided to let it
If you book a rod there is every chance that I can get him to repeat the week in 2008 and will offer the 2007 rods first refusal.
A flight to Aberdeen should cost no more than £50 if booked early enough and the beat is one hour away by car, the cost of which can either be shared or I will arrange collection from the airport by the Ghillies.
Banchory is a 20 minute drive away and we can use the Estate road and walk into town so drinking and driving is not an issue.
PM me for further details
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