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Rio's New Spey Line, Grand Spey

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Well, here we go again.

In the new Kali Fly Fisher, October 2002, Rio is advertising on page 3 (actually the first page past the inside cover, the whole page) their Spey lines.

It looks like they may be dropping their Accelerator line as it is not mentioned. The Windcutter, Midspey, and Grand Spey are advertised as their 3 Spey lines.

There is nothing on their website at this time.

Does anyone know about this new line?

Dana, it appears that we need a section just on Spey Lines.
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Wot No 18fters

What is Fred to do you haven't listed B&W 18ft rods is there no demand.

Very usefull.

Thank you.

Willie, noticed that right off too.

And I really do need info on how to properly line that rod. Rod is loded with a Cortland 444sl DT 10/11 spey, and even the "Jedi Master's" Mr. Choate and Dr. Yin had trouble properly loading the rod.

Steve was 'finally' able to get all 120 feet airborne at the clinic, but it took him more than a few trys to get the timing down for the rod. Darned impressive to see 120 feet of DT and 15-18 foot of leader floating through the air, but he's the "Master of Masters."


Edit: After re-reading the line recommendations recalled that I do have the RIO Aclrtr. tri-tip and have never thought to load/try that combination of line/rod.

A plan for the weekend even if the water is too low right now to make it a 'fishable requirement.' But the winter runs will be back in a few months. 'To be forewarned is to be forearmed.'

Damn, have the 'sneezes' this evening and trying to type/w-o typo's is a royal pain in the ...
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A few years back on the Skagit one fine April day there were two gents from B.C walked in and shared the famous 'Mixer' run with me. They both had B&W 18 footers. My 16 foot T&T looked donwright svelt compared to the B&W's.

Anyhow, the purpose of this post is that the gents from B.C wanted me to give their 18 footers a try and they both wanted to cast my T&T 16 footer as well. They had the rods rigged with 12 weight floating double taper SA Salmon lines. The rod had no trouble picking up the 12 weight double taper and throwing it over 100 feet out in the river. One had a sink tip on the front of his line and the other fellow was using an uncut line with a 4" brass tube fly on the end.

The only thing I didn't like about the rod was it is a rather slow, although progerssive rod. When I remembered to slow down and not try to force the rod to move faster than it was designed to do, it was a tremendous caster. I am still waiting (wishing/hoping) that T&T, G.Loomis, or Scott will produce a 17 or preferabley an 18 foot 11 weight.
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