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Rio's New Spey Line, Grand Spey

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Well, here we go again.

In the new Kali Fly Fisher, October 2002, Rio is advertising on page 3 (actually the first page past the inside cover, the whole page) their Spey lines.

It looks like they may be dropping their Accelerator line as it is not mentioned. The Windcutter, Midspey, and Grand Spey are advertised as their 3 Spey lines.

There is nothing on their website at this time.

Does anyone know about this new line?

Dana, it appears that we need a section just on Spey Lines.
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Juro/Fly Tyer, sent you guys both PM's, but I guess not everyone checks their PM's all the time, as I don't really and am guilty of, I prefer to email.

Of those who have tried the 10/11 Grand Spey, which rods did it work well with? Which rods did it overload if you tried any that might?
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