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Rio's New Spey Line, Grand Spey

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Well, here we go again.

In the new Kali Fly Fisher, October 2002, Rio is advertising on page 3 (actually the first page past the inside cover, the whole page) their Spey lines.

It looks like they may be dropping their Accelerator line as it is not mentioned. The Windcutter, Midspey, and Grand Spey are advertised as their 3 Spey lines.

There is nothing on their website at this time.

Does anyone know about this new line?

Dana, it appears that we need a section just on Spey Lines.
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I recently obtained the 10/11 Grandspey and I was totally impressed. I found it easy to cast the whole taper without feeling like I was working out. The energy transfer through the taper was really remarkable especially over such a long line. This line "wants" to cast. I could occasionally shoot line behind the head, so I would imagine an expert caster would have no problem doing so consistently. Shortening up was no problem, nice tight loops. The color change was a great device for knowing where you are with the back taper, no need for markers. I am anxious to pick up some of the lighter grains for my summer and fall rods. I haven't yet spent as much time as I'd like with it (rivers too boney for 10/11 wt right now!) but what I see so far I really like.

The very best way to answer this question is to point you to the advice of the master himself...

I will post the 2003 rod/line recommendations shortly - from Simon himself!
will be up soon, day job is killing me today
Here it is... it will be up on the expertise pages soon...

1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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