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RIO's new "Specialty sinking leaders." Just

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got three of them delivered to me today. VERY, VERY COOL product. Have been using the Airflo's for a long time but have busted off more fish than I care to remember. Interior core of the AF's (per package) is 12# material. I'll take their word for it but I'm hard pressed to 'believe it.' The AF package says their sinking leaders are 5 or 7 foot long ... maybe if you have a defective ruler.

The Rio's are 12' long (come in several different sink rates) and are 12' long. Far thinner than a regular sink tip and have a 24# center core. Doubt these babies will bust in two.

Will load up a couple of rods and 'field test' them this weekend.
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sink leaders

as i have stated a few times on the pages; i use airflo. got one yr and 70 hot steelhead on the regular[24lb]salmon with one nonslip loop knot at the leader end. but i say why mess around ! buy the extrastrong salmon[40lb]. i am sure these things are so good that everyone will be offering them and the choices will multiply and the qaulity will only improve.i like the 10 ft but i will probablyly add a 12 to my arsenal just in case i start to feel inadequate and start to 2nd quess my tried and true.
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