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RIO's new "Specialty sinking leaders." Just

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got three of them delivered to me today. VERY, VERY COOL product. Have been using the Airflo's for a long time but have busted off more fish than I care to remember. Interior core of the AF's (per package) is 12# material. I'll take their word for it but I'm hard pressed to 'believe it.' The AF package says their sinking leaders are 5 or 7 foot long ... maybe if you have a defective ruler.

The Rio's are 12' long (come in several different sink rates) and are 12' long. Far thinner than a regular sink tip and have a 24# center core. Doubt these babies will bust in two.

Will load up a couple of rods and 'field test' them this weekend.
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Hey Fred, Of the 12 foot Rio Sinking Leaders that you picked up, what sink rates do you have?

I am looking at getting a few of the 12 foot, 7 inch per second rio sinking leaders for Winter fishing when my local shop gets them in. I am curious to see if they will be adequete to get down for the Winter fishing I do. I am hoping they will for the most part, so I won't have to cut my Grandspey, although there will be the day where the water is high and coloured and the only thing that is called for is 15 feet of LC13 (or the new Rio type 8 on spools if my local shop gets that in anytime soon?) and a slightly weighted popsicle.

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