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RIO's new "Specialty sinking leaders." Just

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got three of them delivered to me today. VERY, VERY COOL product. Have been using the Airflo's for a long time but have busted off more fish than I care to remember. Interior core of the AF's (per package) is 12# material. I'll take their word for it but I'm hard pressed to 'believe it.' The AF package says their sinking leaders are 5 or 7 foot long ... maybe if you have a defective ruler.

The Rio's are 12' long (come in several different sink rates) and are 12' long. Far thinner than a regular sink tip and have a 24# center core. Doubt these babies will bust in two.

Will load up a couple of rods and 'field test' them this weekend.
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Actually was using the salmon/steelhead version

of the airflo 'leaders.' That's why I was so surprised to have as many as two breakoffs in one day (and on back to back fish).
Hal, don't I wish they breakoffs were on Kings.

Nope, just normal size summer run steelhead. I'd do a triple surg. knot from the "12#" AF leader to short run of 10 or 8 pound maxima main line for tippet material. All breakoffs were above this knot. At the knot, I'd have thought that it was a lousy tie job. But in each case it was the 'heavier' material that gave it up.
Dave that may be a great suggestion.

You can 'tie' on the tippet material anywhere you want; doing so 'above' AF's 'leader' material may be just the ticket. Will give this a try .... but with the new RIO's at hand I'm more interested in giving these a go due to the higher rating of the centeral core material (24# vs 12# material).
"Fred - the AF Salmon/Steelhead is supposed to be 24#, at least that is what my packages say. They have a heavy salmon that has a 40#core."

Wow! These suckers I'm buying here in Ashland must be WAY OLD. Still have one of the packages and it's the salmon/steelhead extra fast sinking (which it does) and it says up to a max. of 12 leader material.

But, just one more 'proof' that Medford/Ashland is at the very end of the fly fishing food chain. Ain't the internet grand?!


Actually, should say ''Isn't Simon grand.''
Scott, purchased two of the 7'' per second

and one 5" ips. Loaded up two of them last night as we're headed over to the Chetco for the weekend (hopefully the river won't be blowen out by the storms that are coming in over the next few days.

If so then they'll get a good work out the weekend of the 21-22 her on the Rogue.
Now that I'd never thought of .... anyone tried this combo?

"The sinking leaders with a sink tip should allow us to fish in those deep runs that fly fishers have tended to avoid, but that gear guys have taken many fish from in the winter."

Sounds like it would be an ackward rig to cast, but I said the same thing before I started 'splicing in' extra fast sinking leaders below a full floating line.
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