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RIO sponsors the Forum

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It is wonderful to see RIO products with us as a sponsor of the Forum! Thanks to Jim, Simon and the staff at RIO for their support and their innovative approach to line design. The Windcutter, MidSpey and Accelerator lines, along with the videos, have revolutionized Spey casting and given us all a benchmark for excellence.

Great to have you on board!
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Rio Spey Lines

I just received my third Rio Spey line.

For my new Sage 101501, I ordered the Sage Acclerator with the interchangeable tips from Mark's store in Welches.

As soon as I find a suitable reel that I can afford, I will go try it out.

Life is simple!

Support those who support you and what you like!

Jim and Simon have enabled a lot of us to understand and enjoy Spey fishing with their great products. Now, if they will just come out with 12' furled/floating fishing leaders, they will make life even easier.
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