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Rio Spey Lines Section Weights [for Speyaholics only]

An Excel spread sheet listing the following information for all Rio Spey Lines:
• Total head lengths and weights
• Body: lengths and weights
• Tip 2 float: lengths and weights
• Tip 2 compensator intermediate sink: lengths and weights
• Tip 1: lengths and weights.
The above information is supplied for:
- WindCutter [WC] Float,
- WC Interchangeable Tips,
- WC + Upgrade,
- MidSpey [MS] Float,
- MS Interchangeable Tips,
- GrandSpey [GS] Float
- GS Interchangeable Tip

Also listed are total head weights for Accelerator Lines and [email protected] 30 feet grain weights.

Newer spey folks please note that Rio interchangeable tip spey lines consist of 3 parts.:
- body [attaches to backing],
- tip 2 [middle part], and
- tip 1 [attaches to butt section or leader]

I am unable to attach this XL document [24K bytes] to a thread. If you want a copy, please email me at “[email protected]” asking for “Rio Line Info.”

The information was supplied and reviewed for accuracy by Mr. Simon Gawesworth and Mr. Zack Dalton of Rio Products. Simon G. says this is for “speyaholics only.”

A close inspection will reveal some interesting details of Rio Spey Lines, including the NEW WindCutter 5/6 Float and GrandSpey Lines with interchangeable tip.


P.S Beau and Fred: No engineer jokes please! John D: you should like this.

Bob Pauli
February 13, 2003
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