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Rio Scandinavian head question

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I want a Rio SSH to use with various tips and I already have a bunch of tips from other line systems (basically all DC 3 through 8 @ 15 feet). Can I buy just the head designed for the multi tip system without having to shell out for tips I already have? If not, what about the possibillity of buying the SSH with the 12' intermediate and cutting and looping this so I could then add my sink tips. Any suggestions? Just got a Loop 7116 and want to overhead cast with it (shooting head system for stripers) as well as try the Andersen underhand style.
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Hi Moose

I am sorry to tell you that you cannot get just the body of the scando shooting head.

You shouldn't have much of a problem if you were to take the F/I and cut it back so you could attach the tips you have. It won't be as good as the interchangeable tips version because there will probably be a slight hinge issue because of the different diameters. However in terms of weight it should work. For example, the 9/10 F/I has a 12ft intermediate tip that weighs around 175 grains. Our standard 15 ft #10 weight tips weigh around 150 grains, so you could put those tips on the end of the floating section of the 9/10 F/I and get a reasonably good working line. A difference of 25 grains is nothing to worry about - a regular spey leader weighs 20 grains! Just remember that what ever size you choose, make sure you have the heavier tips to go on. (The 8/9 with the #9 tips and so on)

What I wouldn't recommend is to take the F/I/S and cut the front 15 ft sinking tip off (as many have suggested). The 9/10 front 15 ft weighs 280 grains, so you would never get the right load to keep the rod balanced (nor to turn the line over cleanly).

I hope this helps.

All the best
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Thanks Simon!

I will most likely but the FI 7/8 and cut it, as I have tips for both 8 and 9 weight lines and I'll finds the best match. Now I just have to find someone who has it in stock! Thanks for your help.
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