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Maybe I am reading it wrong, but going to RIO's website, it looks like their 8 wt. Scandi body is 23' long and 400 grains. Then they factor in their 10'versa tip , to get a 33' head length and 485 grains., listed as "Scandi Short Versa Tip" in their line spec chart.

So, I use a versa tip with other scandi lines and don't factor the versa or poly tip into my decision on choosing the correct size scandi head wt. for a given rod.

It seems like that a 400 grain head is very light for an 8wt. as a starting point. Does it have to do with its taper and length that it is so much lighter than most recommended wt. sizes?

Has anyone out there used these scandi short lines with these lighter starting wts. and does it work well?


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The "versitip" section should be considered as part of the entire line. You could still add a polyleader of 10 or 15ft plus tippet to the end of the "versitip" section. While I use polyleaders or versiLEADERS on the end of straight floater scandi lines, versi-TIPS or similar DC tips don't work so great on the end of a fine tapered scandi floater.

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Thanks Brady,

I was thinking versa tip and versa leader was the same thing.
Most confusing product naming ever IMO. Shocking how many FLY SHOPS I've been in that don't understand the difference.

Oh yeah. I gotta correct you on one thing. It's "vers-i-tip". With an "i", not an "a". And "vers-i-leader". With an "i", not an "a". Got it? :roll:

'cause I guess they are supposed to be VERSITAL, as opposed to versatile, the latter being a real word. I bet Rio marketing thought that was real clever too.

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No doubt you've seen Simon's video on the line here:


I've been using the SSVT 7wt for the last 2 years and like the line mainly for its VERSItility. I would equate it with All Season tires...........reasonably good in both summer and winter but not great in winter. The line is reasonably good with the float tip as a scandi and reasonably good with the sink tips as a skagit. I think if you're a diehard scandi or skagit person, then you might want the "winter tires" ie dedicated scandi or skagit lines. As I said, I like the line because I often change tips to suit conditions and even reverse the head by times to OH cast. In fact I'm looking to get an 8wt for my TCX so that tells you something, but then everyone has different tastes.

Just my thoughts.

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Rio Scandi Versitip was designed with a heavier rear half and 400 gr. body can be used with either 80-85gr 10' tip or 100-110 gr 15' tip, depending on the rod length . With sink tip 3-8"/sec ( consider it as a front part of the head) what you need it 3-5' leader/tippet.

Wt. 8 set-up works well on true wt.8 rods like CF Burkheimer 8128-4 ( body + 10' tip and tippet) and on 8134-4 ( with 15' tip). No polyleader is needed as both 10 or 15' tip have nice front taper for attaching tippet and fly.

I use both wt.8 set-ups as a Scandi head not Skagit. For Skagit one need to go with wt.9 set-up.

Keep in mind that you can get intermediate body too, which has advantage over floating body in windy conditions.

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Hi guys
I use a 370 gr. Rio Vers-i-tip on 5/6, 12ft 6 in TFO I just add a leader. It casts exactly the same with a dry or wet tip. It is a very nice line, I think. Seams to have a very good taper as my turn overs are very good. My large flies are #2's 3X long and It seams to do OK, unless you add a lot of rabbit.

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MOW Tips on SSVT?

I just picked up the exact line above (8wt/400gr head+85gr 10ft floating tip) at a deep discount. Wondering if anyone has experience casting the MOW tips with the 400gr head?

Rio's literature all says it will work, and also that the med weight MOW tips are the appropriate size for the 8wt versitip body. Just wondering if anyone's used that particular set up and has any comments? I've already got the med MOW tips, but wont get to the water to try them until at least sunday...

(dont mean to hijack the thread, but it seems like it's on topic...)
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