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I have a Rio Powerspey 9/10 tips line without the tips. I don't think I've ever fished it, just practice cast it at the casting ponds. It's in great shape, just too heavy for my rods. It was new in 2008 and is just gathering dust now. Anyone want it for $35 shipped?

I also have a much older Rio Midspey 8/9 tips. Again, it's just the floating tip included. I think the line is in pretty good shape, but I've definitely fished this line and I'd guess it's from the late 90's. How about $25 shipped for it?

Lastly, I have a Rio Midspey 10/11 tips without the tips again. And this one only has the body and the middle section, not the floating tip. It's a much newer line since it has the color change from the running line to the body. I got it on closeout at the Healdsburg Steelhead Festival two years ago and just kept the tips and wallet. It's brand new, only been spooled up to test cast for half an hour once and then back on the spool. How about $35 for this line including shipping.

I just added a couple of pictures. If you need any more info or photos, let me know.

I'm also interested in trading for an Airflo Delta 8/9 with the tip looped, so please let me know if you have one you'd want to swap for any of the lines above.

Thanks a lot,


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