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The Slick Shooter process was Rio's answer the AST technology that has made SA's Mastery and now Ultra 3 lines so popular.

Rio claims that the Slick Shooter coating is the closest thing to AST on the market and having played around with many of the lines, the Slick Shooter lines do feel much 'slicker', smoother and a tad stiffer.

I've got a couple Windcutter's with the Slick Shooter process but I have not been able to decipher any noticable differance with shootability...

But I have fished the Rio Grande and was very impressed with how the line performs on a RPL+ for many reasons one of which was that the line 'shot' very well!

Will have a further report this summer when I give a #7 Rio Atlantic Salmon/Steelhead with Slick Shooter and will be able to report how it compares to my favorite dry line of all time, SA Mastery Steelhead Taper.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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