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hey guys I was hoping you could help me figure this out, I have a RIO windcutter multi tip line, I dont know how they are classified for sink rates, they each have one wide band and 4 smaller bands( which if I read the catalog, that means they all have the same sink rate, which wouldnt make sense)

one is clear, one is olive drab(little darker perhaps) and one is dark green almost black. anybody have a clue to what I'm looking at????

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You are looking at a set of 9 wt tips.

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Go to the link below and go to the interchangeable tip code section.


All tips in RIO interchangeable tip spey lines are now bar coded and color coded for easy identification. One fat bar represents a five and one thin bar represents a one, thus a bar code of one fat bar and four thin bars is a #9 tip.

Intermediate tips are clear.
Loop Colors:
Type 3 tips – Yellow.
Type 6 tips – Grey.
Type 8 tips – Green.
Bar code showing 9 wt Type 6 tip
Bar code showing 9 wt Type 3 tip
Bar code showing 9 wt intermediate tip
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