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RIO GrandSpey

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Just completed three days of casting and fishing with the new RIO GrandSpey and I'm working on my review for the lines page on the Spey Pages.

Wow. Exceptional turnover at all distances, easy to cast, and when you need to you can really reach out there with a long cast and still have confidence that the line will turn over nicely.

While I wasn't a huge fan of the Accelerator (the power hinge turned many of my beautuful Spey casts into tuck casts! :chuckle: ) I'm lovin' the GrandSpey!

More to follow on the Spey Pages...
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Willie Gunn

Willie, I'm right there with you. I bought a new Accelerator this August to go with my Sage 10151.

The Power Hinge should end up in the Hall of Shame!

A friend emailed and was excited about the Accelerators being on sale. I told him that he might better off just flushing his money down the toilet. Rio would not be dropping the Accelerator lines if they worked for most of us.

He, also, has the Sage 7141 which is a orphan rod re the Grand Spey. I told him that Mark B. recommends the Delta Spey with the interchangeable tips as the best line match with the 7141. Mark has a lot of experience with the 7141, and he would not recommend the Delta Spey if it didn't work.

My Mid Spey 6/7 floater works great with my 7141 for dries, skating flies and when using the Boles Indicator with a nymph or an egg fly. The 2002 Spey recos from Rio didn't include the Mid Spey 6/7. Fortunately our local Sage Rep told me to try the MS 6/7 and my WC 678 with my new 7141 when I upgraded from my 7136. He was right on target.

The 7141 with tip two removed from the WC 678 and the sinking tips attached directly to the body/shooting line can really fire the tips out.

Too bad that Rio doesn't allow a good trade in for buyers of this year's Accelerators to the new Grand Spey.
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Jim Vincent

Thanks for your comments.

If your young 52 year old body which is built like my soon to be 64 year old body took a beating with the Grand Spey over a couple of days, I can only grimace and imagine what my soon to be 64 year old body with bad shoulders and knees would be like after a day with the Grand Spey.

Your Mid Spey 6/7 floating line on my Sage 7141 in light to moderate wind works very well with my old body. I can cast for a couple of hours with no problem. Heavy upstream winds are a problem for me with the Mid Spey 6/7 and my 7141. Then, I go to your WC 678 and remove tip 2 or the upgrade and attach your tips directly to the shooting line part of the WC.

Bob Meiser recommends this for his two handed rods, and your WC 678 works very well that way with his 7/8 S2H106 rod. Bob is a big fan of your WC lines and his S2H106 rods.

Do you know where I can get a good trade in for an Accelerator 9/10 with tips to a Mid Spey for my Sage 10151? The Accelerator has barely been used by an old man.
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Dane re the Grand Spey

Dana, did you use the floating version or the one with the interchangeable tips?
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