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I have no experience of fishing on this river but I have been visited Rio Grande River many years ago with my friends. This destination is considered one of the best fishing places of the world. After reading your posts I want to enjoy a fishing trip of Rio Grande River. Which season is best to enjoy this activity there?

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friends there now sent an email with several pictures of 20 pound browns. Be there again next year. It can be a 1-5 fish day or a 20 fish day everyday you fish there. Water this year is very low and clear so far, but a lot of fish are being caught. The absence of jet boats and helicopters makes it very pleasant fishing IMO

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Latest Report from La Villa and the Lodge

Rio Grande Fishing Report Week #7
February 06 - 13, 2015

We had another group of repeating anglers at La Villa de Maria Behety.

The legend Brian Y / Michael K / John C / Jeff W from the USA and Malcolm K from the UK and George R from Canada. It was the first time fishing with us for George R. from Canada.

Bryan Y

It was one of the slowest February weeks I can remember. The cold spell we had for the first five days, affected the mood of the fish. The water temperature was as low as 6°C (43°F), and for five days the thermometer never went over 10°C (50°F). On Thursday evening things started to improve 12°C (54°F) and on Friday water reached 13°C (55°F). We think it was a big and sudden change, as the water was much warmer the last few weeks.

Dr K

The weather was cooler than normal. Most of the days the maximum temperature was pretty chilly, 12°C (54°f) By the end of the week, we had a nice 19°C (61°F) day. The lowest temperature was 4°C (39°F).

One morning we had to scrape off the ice from the windscreens of our trucks, it was the first frost of the season! Even though we had some rainy days, the river level never rose. It still remains low and clear.

Brian Y. was the top rod with 19 fish,

Malcolm K. Had the biggest fish, a nice 23 lbs. Congratulations!

George R. had a very good week, and half of the fish he landed were 15lbs. plus. He loved his first experience with sea trout, and really performed excellent.

A total of 74 fish were landed of which 19 were 15 pounds or more, and the average weight was very good, 10.4 lbs.

Floating lines and sinking lines between 5ft and 12.5ft were what we used the most. The fish were still keen on taking on the surface despite the cool water temperature.

The Sun-ray shadow, EMB, Aurelia Prince, Egg sucking leech, and small nymphs on strong #12 and #14 hooks were very successful.

We hope the weather will get better next week

Federico Zimmermann
Head Guide
La Villa de Maria Behety

Estancia Maria Behety

135 fish were landed last week with 28 fish over 15 pounds, 6 of these were over 20 pounds. The average weight was 9.9 pounds.

The fishing was a bit slow this week. Air and water temperature went down. The first day we had an east wind all day. On Monday the wind turned west and became very strong.

By the middle of the week it rained a bit, the river rose a few inches but dropped pretty fast. Air temperature was between 30 ° F and 60 ° F. The water temperature was 40 ° F and 53 ° F.

Rods, lines and tips: 6 to 9 weight spey rods. Skagit and Scandi lines with medium, heavy and extra heavy mow tips. Floating and intermediate tips worked well for some pools. With this low water single handed rods work excellent in some pools

Flies: Nymphs like EMB, Aurelia Prince, Red Tail, Tdf prince, Prince, and scuds. Also Green machine, Titanic, Black and olive wooly buggers. Tube flies like Sunray Shadow and Monkey. Big leeches and intruders worked well in the last hour of fishing.

Top Rods:
John Travis: 17 fish landed. John´s biggest fish: 17 pounds.

Notable Catches:
Mark Jackson landed a 21.5 pounder. Rodney Peck landed a 23.5 pounder. John Morford landed a 20 and a 20.5 pounder. Rich Rubin landed two 22 pounders.

Federico Molinolo
Maria Behety Lodge Head Guide

Weather Report
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