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Congratulations to Eirik Hernes Larsen from Norway who won the Burud Open Spey Competition in Norway, really impressive Eirik. It turned out to be a very tough competition with a lot of extremely long single spey casts from the left and from the right side, standing in knee deep water casting with a 15feet rod.
Gordon Armstrong broke his own record with a 54 meter cast, incredible.
Gerard Downey was the first to break to 100 point score in this competition, and he did it twice in the qualifying round with 52 m right hand and 50m left hand, really impressive. Knut Syrstad surprised and impressed us all by showing up even though he is clearly not well, he came third. Siv Anita Eide also impressed us all by casting 36 meters with both arms.
Thanks to the Carron team for taking the trip to Norway and making this competition awesome.

You find the results here:
Video from the competition (big file): http://www.castingforbundet.no/bilder/Video/Burud09.mp4

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Burud 2009


Thanks for taking the time to post this fantastic footage,it was good to meet up with yourself and the other Norwegian casters at the weekend Burud is a lovely setting.
The standard just seems to be getting better every competition that we go to,the best score in the 2008 Burud was 93 meres combined total,which yourself Knut and Gordon acheived,this year that score would not get you to the final.
The highlights of the weekend for me were many, seeing Knut Syrstad not only attend but to compete and beat his last years combined score by 2 metres,that is a magnificent acheivement for someone who is clearly unwell,the thought of getting out of the hospital for the weekend to attend this event clearly spurred him on and gave him something to look forward to,I have got nothing but huge respect for him, he certainly loves to be part of any Speycasting competition,God Bless Knut.
Watching Gordon Armstrong smash his own record with the 15 foot rod, and create a new 15 foot world record cast of 54 metres - 59 yards or 177 feet:Eyecrazy:
Watching Gerard Downey score the biggest combined score to be cast with a 15 foot rod 102 metres 52m l/h 50m r/h simply amazing.
Watching Andrew Toft, Mr Smooth take 2nd place in the final with a combined score of 96 metres 49m r/h 47m l/h
Finally seeing the look on Eirik H Larsens face when he finally won it after beeing second in 2007/08 well done Eirik.
A big thank you to the organisers ,the judges who sat out in the boats all day and got soaked in the rain.
Looking forward to 2010.

A big thank you to Gwyneth & Jimmy Jack for making it happen.

James Chalmers
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