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Speypages team,

I am seeking permission and the best place to post a fundraising effort to restore a wild steelhead river in WI that is under threat from a damaged culvert. This culvert, if left unrepaired, will result in excessive silty runoff and is a known threat to the wild steelhead of the Brule River.

Here is the go fundme page for you to inpect:

and here is their facebook page:

https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=brule river rats stewardship council

Would you please reply or PM me with your approval, and wherre you'd like the post to appear?
We'd really like to appeal to a more national audience that is concerned and interested to learn about these grassroots efforts.

Would there be a way to make it "sticky" once you've determined the best location? If "yes", I'll carefully construct a short post and provide the links that you deem OK

Thanks very much in advance,

Ken Crowne (speyday)

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We don't really allow gofundme things, we can allow you to post about the issue and say there is one, ask them to pm you for info etc. Would that be alright?

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