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I just got back from a trip to the Brookings/Gold Beach area.

A quickie on the Chetco. Chinook are starting to come up River. I had two good strikes and thanks to the unrealibility of Vanish fc 10 #, a new spool, I lost both fish. Besides a few flies lost to this stuff. The other new Vanish tippet material performed perfectly.

The lower Rogue is coming into a fly fisher's dream world.

At this time you have 1/2 pounders, summer and fall steelhead, a herd of kings and now Coho's. Early last week on Monday nothing was up stream with the exception of half pounders. My Sage 7141 with the floating Midspey 6/7, Boles indicator and 6' of 4# or 6# of Vanish connected to a Fox Pupah (tan or green, size 12) with a sliding tungsten indicator worked very well with the half pounders. That is 3 seasons with the Fox Pupah working well with Rogue half pounders. No strikes with the so called classic Rogue river flies. We did not see a big fish roll or even strike that day. They were still in the mouth of the river.

We returned Friday morning and upstream on the North Bank of the Rogue about 4 miles upstrteam, adult steelhead, kings and a ton of Coho were rising and striking at caddis and at a few October Caddis.

The problem was the wind was booming up the river at 30 to 40 plus MPH. I couldn't do anything with my Sage 7141 except get out about 40 feet. The fish were striking about 70 feet out.

I went to my Sage 10151 and tried the Accelerator 9/10 floating line. That didn't work. I took off the floating tip and tied a furled leader to the main body of the with about 5' of Maxima. I could only get out about 60' with the wind that was so strong it was shaking our full sized Bronco with my wife in it. The fish stayed at the 70 to 90' distance rising and clobbering the floating bugs.

A couple of steelhead came over and nosed my flies and when they didn't come down like normal flies, they left them.

Then, the scourge of the lower Rogue, the jet boats came up. The fish moved down stream about 70' feet out from a cliff on the south bank and about 150-200 feet out from North Bank. They would rise about 10 minutes after a jet boat passed and stayed there.

Finally at about 3 pm we left with the rising fish still there. My wife was very disappointed in that I couldn't cast 200' with a 40 MPH wind blowing up stream. She felt that the investment in the Spey rods was a waste of money. Two guys came along with some ocean spinning rods, and they could not cast far enough out to get into where the fish were rising. So my wife cut her harrassment level down after seeing them not get out that far with spinning rods.

In Summary, I wish that we were up there this week. The Coho population is estimated to be even larger than last year. I had a fish and game guy yell at me for not killing a hatchery Coho last year.
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