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Good reply Rob,
Yes, that is the rod you are building. From your response as well as others it sounds as though this is going to be as smooth as butter for the floater and as solid as ever for the winter sink tips, though I never fish a super heavy tip, only 12ft of type 6. You see, there are those that say you cant have too many rods, but, for me it is simply not possible for me to purchase every rod that looks good to me, nor is it desirable. So, I choose to fish one rod for most all my summer and winter work. It makes it easier to stay "hard wired" to the action of the rod. Strangley, I have difficulty maintaing muscle memory if I start casting too many rods.
I will have to bring you a "McSquidly", a dangerously effective winter fly... it should be illegal.

PS-Cant wait to get my new stick.....maybe this friday?
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