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<<< SOLD >>> BOOTS Still available, but I'll post 'em separately soon.

I had these XXL Simms Headwaters Pro Goretex waders for about two years (last generation's model) and they suited me just fine until this spring when I noticed the first tiny leak.

I sent them back to Simms and they refurbished them with a complete inner seal overhaul and fixed whatever they found, they replaced the booties but not the gravel guards and they replaced a brand-new front chest pocket from the new model style. They have been washed and worn only for 2 hours since the refurbishing. (I wanted to prove to myself that they didn't leak anymore) Decided my custom size G4Zs are my preference, so offering these up for sale.
All other features (belt loops, suspenders and clips, pockets, zipper, etc) everything is in fine condition. There are some small bumps on the outside where Simms applied larger dabs of aqua-seal on the inside.

Comes with a Simms box and new wading belt. Still many years left in this pair and no, they don't stink !

Price: 150U$D

Paypal works, and I'll split the shipping 50/50 with you, either from Quebec or New York, whichever is easiest.

If you need boots, I also have a pair of 2-year-old Simms Freestone Vibram sz 13 that were only worn one day by a guest and we barely waded more than 100 feet. I can maybe combo these together if interested. Pics available if asked.


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