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NOT spey-related this month but speypages-related. I thought it would interest everyone to know where we are at here at the speypages.

First, things look just fine for 2005 and the site will remain online. Thanks to all of you, for your subscriptions and words of encouragement made it clear to me that I needed to find a way to keep this going, and so I have. As of this writing we have 149 paid subscribers--the goal of 200 does not seem far off and I am confident we will get there early in 2005. I will be drawing for the Gawesworth book and line combo when we reach #150, and then another major prize at #200 (as yet to be determined, but it will be a rod/line or reel/line combination, or something like that). Beyond 200? Well, I never thought we'd approach 200, so beyond 200 now seems possible and I'll continue the draws every 25 subscribers after that.

Second, the speypages have ended our association with the Flyfishing Forum. With the support of you and with the ongoing support of our sponsors we were able to move to our own servers in late December. We had several good years with the Forum and I am indebted to Juro Mukai for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Forum experience for the past few years. I wish him well as he continues to pursue his interests on the Forum.

Third, how are we organized? Well, I am honored to continue to work with Sean Ransom! As many of you know Sean was responsible for most of the technical work on the Forum and speypages, and he has joined me as my partner here at speypages.com. Sean will handle the technical side of things and I will handle content. Over the coming months you'll see a few changes and we hope you like them. We want to make the site more atttractive and easier to navigate--please let us know what you think! Additionally, kush and sinktip--our moderators from the Forum version of the speyclave--have joined us here at speypages.com and will continue on their good work as moderators. We appreciate their efforts and look forward to working with them as we improve the speypages!

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Let us know how we're doing! You can reach me at [email protected]

Season's Greetings to everyone and all the best for 2005!
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