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More on Trout Speys

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you...
--Alanis Morissette

So, there I am all ready to head out to Alberta with my Trout Speys in hand, and the river's blown out! And after I said in my last RTS :

Besides, Bow River rainbows are supposed to be descended from California steelhead, so it really is sort of a steelheading trip anyways, only the glaciers won’t melt and landslides fill the river in, right?
I never made it to Alberta to try out the Trout Speys. But now a month has passed and I understand that the river is being more cooperative, the fish are working hatches or slamming big streamers in between, so Poul Bech, Rick Haefle and I are headed out there to see if we can find a fish or two to eat our bugs. I dug around through my trout tackle tonight (haven't seen that for a year now!) to see if my old Bow River Bugs were still there in the same fly boxes where I left 'em last year, and sure enough, there they were. Waders, boots, vest and other assorted implements of piscatorial pursuit will be tossed into the duffle tomorrow night in preparation for the Tour.

It always feels funny--a little like a fish out of water :roll:--for me whenever I go trout fishing. I feel like I'm missing something, even though I quickly and easily fall back into the old habit of reviewing the mental checklist that I have filed away in the gray matter under "trout: rivers". Used to be that it was all I did, and then steelhead and shortly thereafter Spey rods came along and I really haven't looked back. I still love to cast dry flies to risers, or nymph through a rocky run, but nothing in fly fishing starts my heart as much as stepping into the top of a big steelhead run at dawn, Spey rod in hand, measuring out my casts and waiting for the pull.

But this time will be a little different. I have a mission. I have my Trout Speys: An 11ft2in 7 weight, and another one (shorter, lighter) that I can't talk about too much, at least not yet. Trying to combine the delicacy of a single hander with the in tight casting qualities and casting ease of a two-handed rod. I'm pushing to envelope here a bit, wandering in to the gray area between single handed and double handed rods. Not really sure where I'll end up, but it will be fun to find out.

The Tour begins Thursday; I likely will not be back online until August 22nd. But if and when I can I will check in here with an update on the Trout Speys, giving you my thoughts on what seems to be working and what isn't.

Until then, try and find some time yourself to get out on the water.
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