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beginner combo

Don't know about the Shakespere combo you are thinking of but there are a lot of combo outfits available that are better than anything Shakespere makes. Don't get me wrong. Shakespere make good stuff but they are not known as makers of fly fishing equipment.

Check out Cabelas first. If you have a fly shop in your area, you might ask about Loomis, Cortland, Scientific Anglers, Rajef Sports, St Croix etc. A lot of the major manufacturers of fly fishing gear have come to realize that in order to attract new customers, they have to offer products at a price that a newcomer will not find so prohibative.

Some of the "entry level" stuff being made today is as good as the stuff we paid big bucks for five or ten years ago.

><///'> JD

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fly combo

My first fly line cost more than my rod and reel combined...:hehe:
Cabelas is a great place to start....
My brother got his first fly rod combo (Cabelas brand) there and he is very pleased with it...

I've cast it and I can see no problems with it... If only Cabelas offered it when I started a score of years ago... :D

One word of advise, if I may be so bold...

Fly fishing (like any sport) can be as easy or as hard as you allow it to become, it can also be very costly, very fast...
Don't think you need to have the best of everything to start with... (that was one of my mistakes)
It could over-shaddow the enjoyment of a lifetime...

Bottom line, get a good foundation (combo) and slowly build on it...

Best of luck and enjoy yourself....

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Cabelas is great. But also keep an eye out for "closeout" deals from the big names - often you can get some top-of-the-line gear at a VERY reduced price. Within the past month, I bought a very nice (also expensive) reel for 2/3 rds off, and another company was introducing a new line - their old "top of the line" line was 40% off, so I was able to fill my new reel very inexpensively - and all good stuff, too!

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