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This one is new to me. I was looking through Colin's site and this one stood out. Plus, I was chopping wood and found some good looking spey feathers in the area that needed a hook. lucky me.
On an AJ blind eye

WM – 16th Feb, 1884, “The Dee – Aberdeenshire (first article)”, Fishing Gazette

Tag: Silver tinsel.
Tail: Fibres of golden pheasant tippet.
Body: Blue and claret mohair.
Rib: Silver tinsel.
Hackle: Grey heron well through the body.
Shoulder: Teal.
Wing: Very dark turkey, the deeper the brown the better.
Head: Black

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great tie, try to put your dubbing picker in the loop and wipe a little varnish on it to keep from untwisting bud, I just started 3 strand overhand braiding the stuff instead of twisting... I also started starting the thread at the tip with the loop formed and ran the thread back, this will keep the twist in place better, its just wants to untwist when i do it opposite

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MZ... Awesome job on this Red-wing, it looks like it could have come right off of Colin's site, and the vertical wing set is very cool.

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