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What are the recommended Rio Skagit lines and tips for late spring to fall waters for trout, half pounders and smaller summer steelhead for these Sage Rods: :confused:

5120 - Yep, I will probably buy one of these rods. ;) I have heard that with the Skagit lines and various T14 lengths, they are awesome little rods. I have a Rio 5/6 Windcutter floating line for dry flies and subsurface flies. If we are able to Skagit some T14 out to 40' to 60' in tight quarters, this could be a fun rod and get us into fish not used to flies. :lildevl:

6126 - Bob Pauli and I tested the Rio 450, and it worked very well for us with various standard tips and T14. FlyFishUSA recommends the WC 91011 without tip two or three. This is my main stick for shad, big trout and summer steelhead. It would probably great for bay, estuary and close surf work for surf perch and other smaller critters in our local salt waters.

7136 - :) My first Spey rod and still my favorite for dry flies and intermediate flies with the Rio MS 6/7. If we can Skagit some T14 with this rod, early shad, and large trout waters should be a blast. I know that Ed Ward has used his 7136 to demo that it will Skagit.

7141 - Bob Pauli and I tested the Rio 550 on this Sage 7 on steroids. :saevilw: Without the cheater recommend by some, it performed well. This would the be the stick to have when facing wind and wanting to get down deep like with 20+' of T14.
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