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Hi, I was at the sandy clave few weeks back and tried a demo rod loaded with a scandi line. I liked it! The line cast efortlessly off the grass and has got me interested in maybe getting one. but i have a few questions I'm hoping you all can help answer, because i know absolutly nothing about em'.

1 The rod I want to use is an 8wt scot a2 (few stiff) is this a okay rod?

2 can you do spey style casts like the double spey, c cast, perry poke?

3 is it much different from skagit casting?

4 I read here that you should use a long leader? wont this effect getting the fly down?

5 can you get a tip system? floating, type 3, 6 ,8 etc?

6 what line would you recomend for my rod?

I fish for steelhead, so covering water is my main goal in search of fish. this seems like and effective method to use.

thank you:D !!


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Good Questions

Good list of questions. Here are some answers as I see it...

1) Any rod which is not stiff is a candidate for Scandinavian Style setups. A Scandinavian rod needs to load quickly with little effort and release on command. A rod with good deep bend and lightning fast recovery is the best.

2) Although you generally see Scandi fishers foing singles and snake rolls all the casts can be easily done and have their place.

3) It has nothing to do with Skagit Casting. There is no sustained anchor and the lines are much lighter. That said you can do a pretty good Perry Poke when you need to if the rod and line are balanced properly.

4) In Scandinavian fishing the LEADER refers to the poly leader at the end of the shooting head. These are 3-4 meters and have 2-3 meters of mono attached. That makes a LEADER of 5-7 meters. The Leader, and usually only part of it, is the only part of the line touching the water during this type of casting.

5) The Poly leaders are available in F, I, Sink, Fast Sink a,d Ultra Fast. Heads are available in F, I, S1/2, S2/3, S3/4, S4/5, and Sink 6. Guidelines make a variable Head called a DDC where you can vary the front 4 meters of the HEAD much like a sink tip system.

6) what is the grain wait of the perfect 65 foot dry line you like to cast on that rod. The Scandi setup will be 100-150 grains lighter.

We should hook up and you can try some different line lengths and weights.
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