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Hi there,

I Tie my flies since I'm a young kid, and since last 2 years I'm tying all my salmon flies, But I have to tell you that Spey is new to me. I've been looking around on the internet to see info about that but really find about nothing. Do you tie your spey flies on a variety of size or there are only couple size popular to fish atlantic salmon. Where I fish there are most of the time no more than 10 feet of water in the pools. Do you fish 2/0 Spey in flies in 10 ft of water ?? When I tied some Blue Charm or Black Bear green Butt I tie in size 4 to 8 Rarely bigger than that.

So again What would be my options to fish Atlantic salmon in about 10 feet of water ??

I fish on North Shore of St-Lawrence River, Godbout River, Trinity river mostly !!

All thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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