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Hello I am Salmon fisher and rod builder from Germany and new in this forum.
I fish the last 5 years on Salmon in Nova Scotia at the Margaree in the fall season.
I hear a about some great fishing in the Quebec River like Cascapedia, St-Jean, York....
May be I can get some information over the best fishing time, prices for license and accomandation.
Is it like in New Brunswik, you must take a guide for every fish day when you are not resident in the country?
I hope to get some in put.

Thanks Taki

Fishing the Gaspe is actually easier than fishing in New Brunswick. A guide is not required and the catch and release season license is a little over $10.00US. The runs were late this year with most rivers having few fish until into July. Normally, several of these rivers have great fishing in even fairly early June. It used to be that the York, Dartmouth, and Ste Jean were catch and release in September, but I just received notice that the York and Dartmouth are not going to be C&R next September. There is also a brief, though next year it will be longer, C&R season in June. The Ste Jean has been C&R all year. I focus on those rivers because the cost of fishing them is quite reasonable. Though you would deal with a different ZEC office, the two Cascapedias, Nouvelle, Matapedia and many more rivers can be fished on the South shore. And that's just the Gaspe peninsula. The best fishing is usually in June/July and again in September, but I'm sure that varies somewhat in each watershed. I fish up there every year and would be glad to answer any questions you might have via PM. Let me close by saying that one can spend a week fishing some rivers in that area and spend considerably less than $1000.00US and that includes one guide for two people. There is also water on the Grand Cascapedia which approaches that much PER DAY for one person.
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