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Trying to come up with a new winter pattern thought this colour combination might be worth a swing. Your comments and critiques are always welcome.
Hook Blue heron size 3
Tag oval silver, hot pink floss under flat silver.
Tail purple dyed crest with two small hot pink crests .
Body purple seal with hot lt. blue mylar and small oval silver.
Hackle purple saddle uv. one side striped, black Heron collar 2 turns and blue Guinea one side striped 2 turns.
Wing A bunch of purple dyed Ostrich herl and 2 purple dyed Pheasant feathers tented.


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That is a fish catcher right there !!
Your material selection brings the fishiness factor scale to the top , not to mention the colour pallet as well :smokin:
Can't go wrong when heron and pheasant are in the recipe !!
Steelhead from coast to coast will find this offering attractive ... well played :)


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killer bug man, you have a winner there.... you should tie a few more, just sayin :)
I fish a pattern with a similar shape and color scheme and it has proven itself in many rivers, some of them not very far from you. Total confidence fly, the first time you get that fly within 5' of a taker, it's on boy-o. Maybe try a pink head on one as well?

Tight lines.
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