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Hey all,

I started noticing some interest in tying tubes as of late so I thought I would throw up an SBS of a Prawn pattern that I have been tying lately for the winter months.

Now don't get me wrong you can tie this same pattern on a shank or tube system of your liking but for me it's pretty hard to beat the pro tube system.

Anyway, lets get this started with a materials list:

Platform: Pro Tube Large 40/40 tube with hook guide cut short
Feathers: Schlappen blue and black, Grizzly hackle white and black, Lagartun mini flat braid in blue, blue Ice Dub, lead eyes, Finn Racoon under fur in blue, lady amherst white and black, ostrich herl blue and finally veevus 10/o.

Here's my half a** attempt at an SBS.

Apply thread and lead eyes

Make a dubbing loop and spin blue icedub. Wrap the dubbing loop around the eyes and pick out the dubbing. Then ad a blue schlappen hackle.

Tie in 2 ostrich herl fibers on on each side added by one LA fiber on each side. Wrap forward and add in a grizzly hackle and flat braid.

Bring the flat braid forward followed by the grizz.

Add a schlappen collar.

Tie in Finn Racoon under fur facing forward and then fold back and secure.

Add two thin grizzly hackle feathers, one on each side and secure.

Add another schlappen collar this time in black.

Finish and enjoy.

Here is a little video for reference on how it swims.

Video: http://youtu.be/DcFttac4K5g?list=UUCD5xmaSqnYgTWIBKqjN8xQ


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