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Selling it for $95. price does not really matter.

This is a Lamiglass LS 1358, 13-1/2 ft. 8/9. With that said, it is more of a 7/8. This rod has never been fished, only test casted on grass. These Lamiglas LS 4-piece rods were available in the early 2000’s in three models: the LS 1358, 13-1/2 ft for an 8 line was the lightest line weight of the three. This line of rods were designed for Lamiglas by Mike Maxwell, considered by some as the patriarch of Pacific Northwest Spey casting.

This should be an ideal rod for the beginning two handed fly fisherman, both due to its forgiving nature (as far as timing) and its relatively low cost of $95. I am just trying to clean out the rack a bit.

The more full flex design gives the rod tremendous sensitivity and allows the caster to feel the rod loading, making it easy to judge one's pace and application of power. Reports I read on the rod said test casters (on this website) found the rod executes all spey casts well, and is particularly good with the double Spey and snake roll. They indicated to not rush these rods: slow down and allow the rod to load well into the butt section and you'll be surprised by their power and responsiveness. Testers said a relaxed, easy casting cycle will effectively load the rod and produce efficient casts at all fishing distances. It performs excellent with the short Skagit head lines.

The rod has long premium quality Portuguese cork handles, a black titanium-finished reel seat that is large enough for even the older Hardy brass foot reels, secure double locking reel seat, Fuji stripping guides and hard chrome single foot (to save weight) snake guides and tip. Smooth finished black blanks eliminate glare from a 13.5 foot long rod. The rod tube is the original Lamiglass tube. However, I lost the original rod sock (sorry). It now has a very high quality (thick, soft) G-Loomis rod sock.

This rod was around $400 when I bought it new. I have too many rods; I am asking $95. Yes, everyone knows this is about one step above giving it away. At this price, I would ask the buyer to please pay the postage.

Thank You


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