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Gross registrations: $3,150.00


Way Yin (includes airfare, airport parking, food, etc.,)

Steve Choate (includes airfare, car rental, room, food, etc.,)

Bob Meiser (food) $186.00
Fred Evans (food, supplies, etc.,) $299.93

Total of expenses: $1,670.86

Available for donations: $1,479.14

At this time the two major charity groups to whom I'd recommend contributions is the Oregon 'Casting for Recovery' group ($750 pays the FULL COST for one attendie.) and The Federation of Flyfishers national youth program. Both very worthy causes.

Fred Evans

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How many?

Both excellent causes. We can almost pay for two attendees at Casting for recovery. How many kids will $1,479.14 send to a fly fishing camp?

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True, but the idea of the 'net' is we ...

spread same around to at least two or three groups.

More than that, and the 'impact' is pretty low. Even if 'every little bit helps.'

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The checks in the mail and we do/will respect you in the morning.


Oregon Retreat 2004
Casting For Recovery
P O Box 1123
Manchester, VT

Federation of Fly Fishers
PO Box 1595
Bozeman, MT
Youth Fishing Programs


The World Wide Fly Fishing forum (http://www.flyfishingforum.com/) holds an annual Spey Casting Clinic here on the upper Rogue River. The purpose of this charity clinic is to provide funding for worthy organizations that promote fly-fishing, especially for young folks.

In the past, we’ve funded projects at Cornell University, the fishing programs connected with the Eugene, Oregon School district, Federation of Fly Fishers, fishing pier restoration in Oakland, CA, etc., to name a few. But all, to this year, were for youth oriented programs. This year we have a departure for one of the most interesting programs the (web) Board has discovered: “Casting For Recovery” (specifically for the first State of Oregon event this September). If you’re interested in a short ‘photo essay’ on this year’s event the following web address will supply you with several photos of the ‘group at work.’


Enclosed you will find (your copy of this correspondence) a cashier’s check in the amount of $750 for “Casting for Recovery” and $729.14 for the Federation of Fly Fishers youth programs. The only ‘stipulation’ on your part for accepting the funds is they be used as directed above.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting the undersigned.

Very truly yours,

Frederick Evans
2713 Clay Creek Way
Ashland, OR 97520

Post Script: Call from the local 'Casting for Recovery' event organizer this afternoon. To say that they were pleased by the extend of the funding would be an gross understatement.

Yes, YOU do make a difference!

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Wonderful 'Thank You' card from 'Women on the Fly.'

This is the Oregon women's group that's organizing the first Casting For Recovery clinic here in Oregon.

The card is from Martha Koch, Program Chairperson

"Dear Mr. Evans,
On behalf of Women on the Fly' we want to thank you and the Charity Spey Casting Clinic for your very generous donation to the Casting for Recovery project.

This is very much appriciated.

Most sincerly,

Martha Koch"

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Grand letter from the Federation of Fly Fishers ..

to the Board.

4-22-04 (Letter received this Saturday??)

World Wide Fishing Forum
C/O Frederick Evans

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your recent gift in the amount of $729.14 to the Federation of Fly Fishers. FFF President Gary Grant and I deeply appreciate your philanthropic support. I will direct your contribution to the program that you specified; if your gift was unrestricted I will apply it where funding is most needed.

FFF is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your gift is tax deductible pursuant to IRS rules governing charitable contributions. FF's tax ID number is 23-7037444. This letter will serve as documentation for your records.

We cannot accomplish the FFF mission without increased charitable giving. That is why every gift, no matter how large or small, is so critically important. Your gift will make a difference, and you may be justifiably proud of your contribution. You have left a legacy to our sport!

With sincere admiration,

Robert Wiltshire
Executive Director
406 585 7592

[email protected]

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Wonderful personal note to the 2004 Charity Clinic folks from..

This is from a hand written card (class act stuff in IMHO) in yesterdays mail:

"Robert Wilshire, Director of Federaton Of Fly Fishers
Livingston, Montana (dated 4-29-2004)

Dear Frederick,

I would like to say a special "Thank You" to you and everyone associated with the Spey Casting Clinic. Your donations to the FFF* are greatly appreciated and make a big difference in our ability to provide quality youth education programs. In recent months we have added 50 rod & reel combos to our equpment loan program, we have helped hundreds of individual Boy Scouts to achieve their fly fishing merit badge and we have strengthend our local club efforts to teach kids across the country.

Your support is helping to make a difference.



2004 Folks ... as 'Miez would say: "good on you." And I'd add: Good 'on them!'

*foot note: the clinic has donated about $2,000 to the FFF through the WWFFF/CSCC.

PPSS: E mail to Bob Wiltshire:

Dear Robert,

Grand note from you yesterday! To say much appreciated from the WorldWide Fly Fishing Forum Charity Spey Casting Cling would be a great understatment.

But special thanks should be directed to Dr. Way Yin and Steve Choate who have strongly urged our 'donations' over the past three years.

Good programs, good people, good thing!

Peace be with you...

Fred Evans,
For the Charity Spey Casting Clinics.
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