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Maybe due to an recently reinjured right shoulder and right bicep, at this time, the T14 tips are harder for me to cast and less predictable than Rio's standard 15' tips and Rio's 12' 24# Powerflex Core Sinking Leaders.

#3: T14 would rank as #3 in ease of casting, ability to turn over a fly, ability to establish and maintain a loop in the air, and distance casted. It seems harder to cast than the standard 15' Rio tips. I have tried T14 tips from 14' to 8'. The 9' T14 tip is the best for my Sage 6126, 7136 and 7141.

#2: The Rio Standard 15' Type 8 tips, for the above Rods/weights, out performs the T14. The Rio Type 8 is easier to cast, turns over big flies easier, establishes and maintains a loop in the air and gets at least a rod length or length of the tip more than the T14 with each cast.

#1: The Rio 12' 24 lb test, Powerflex Core Sinking leaders for me are the easiest to cast, turns the flies over easier, establishes more consistant loops and casts about 1 rod length farther than the Rio 15' tips. These leaders have sink rates up to 7.0 ips. The 7.0 ips leader in this series outperformed both the Rio Standard 15' tip and various T14 lengths with both the Skagit 450 and 550 grain lines.

I'm afraid that my crippled right wing will be hampering me all summer. Fortunately, the Rio Powerflex Core Sinking leaders and work well with the Skagit 450 and 550 inspite of the injury.
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