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Possible Great Lakes Spey Clave

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Well how about it, a clave sometime later this spring here in the Great Lakes. I believe that this would be a great opportunity to witness the Great Lakes fishery by showing our home rivers and teaching techniques that are appropriate to our area that may not be seen that often. Destinations would be limited to the larger rivers in our region that can be waded and allow steelheading opportunities into the May-June months. Also rivers must be stable and allow angling under all conditions. It wouldn't take that much planning, as I have already did alot of it for my own local clave that I planned on hosting. Read below for details:

GL Spey Clave locations/details:

Ontatrio - Saugeen or Maintland River: Ontario's Saugeen and Maintland Rivers border Lake Huron's shorline and boost excellent runs of broad shouldered steelhead into mid-late May. A great place to hold a clave since both rivers allow use of spey angling methods, and allow for easily wading. The opportunities of catching steelhead in prime lies such as pocket water, pools, runs, and flats only further the expirence! Also consider the unique landscape with rolling hills, farmland and woodlands.

Michigan - St. Mary's River: The St. Mary's River in Michigan's beautiful upper peninsula is a world class fishery. A larger river system consisting of a rapids and a channel that connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron. Steelhead ascend later than most rivers in the spring, with opportunities into mid-late June at times. Late May or early June would be a good bet. This river also offers the chance to hookup with early skamania steelhead, large resident browns and rainbows, and even an occasional early atlantic if conditions are ideal. Steelhead also can be taken on a dry fly on this river system. Nearby Georgian Bay allows you to chase pike, muskie and atlantics as they feed on smelt and baitfish on the flats. The remotness sets it apart, making it feel like you are in the wilderness. Truly an desitination that should be expirenced.

Michigan - Muskegon River: The Mighty Mo as it is often referred to is a tailwater fishery in the heart of Michigan's Lower Peninusla. This river is quite large and allows use of a spey. Steelhead run later into spring, but best action is late april.
This river is an excellent trout fishery resembling a spring creek. Steelhead can be very large, and a great way to target them is in the slots and pools below gravel beds. Defintly not out of the question.

Let me know what you think. I can plan this very quickly and would be a great weekend clave. I was thinking sometime in earlier May, but we can always stretch this into June if we plan on heading to the St. Mary's.:D :D
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You are correct, but you can wade the St. Mary's depending on where you go. You are right, the St. Mary's with a large amount of people would not be the best choice.

Mo would be a good choice, but the runs aren't as late at times and it can be very crowded.

The Saugeen might be the best choice! :D

Well, I guess we can have a poll! Looks like a go, either the Saugeen or Muskegon!

So who's up for what? Please post!

I don't mind where and you are right, it isn't just the fishing, it is getting together, I haven't met anyone from this site as of yet. I will take alot of the responsibility since I may be hosting this clave and I want it to get an alright turonout for such short notice. Maybe we can get the event on the Speypages site, who should I talk to about it?

Also, this will be a like an outting/mini clave. I can try to get some vendors and if possible maybe we can get some sponsers. I will ask Matt if he would, I have to call him when he gets back from the show anyways or I might try his cell tonight. I am not sure if he would sponser the event since it might cost alot for lodging and such. Still awaiting to hear from Craig Harris.

Well, just for the record...there should be steelhead wherever we go.

:D :D
Regarding the MO...

I know of a few hotels in the area for the Muskegon. I stayed at one last time and will try to find it again. It was cheap, clean and cozy.

For the Saugeen, I will look around some more. Peter, please feel free to help if possible. We have to wait and see.

Also, I am going to call Flymart Flyshop here in Michigan and ask if they would like to sponser the event, as well as Grindstone Angling if we chose to go to the Saugeen.

Yes this certainly would be a mini clave, more of an outting type idea. I still want the event to take place, as I can arrage it.

Just post where and when? I can talk to a few guides who spey fish in Michigan that might attend!
sounds like a go...

Now all we need is to find some more people to come and get a date and lodging options set.

Now comes the fun....:D

Well it would be a mini clave that is for sure. Looks like we can get a good number of people here, just have to do some promoting. I also wanted to add to keep the easter week closed since many will be out of town like myself(I will be chasing permit, bones and poons in the Keys....LOL :D , well I still would rather be chasing steel....:p ).

I was thinking the week or two after easter since easter is on April 22nd this year? How about it?

Well, I'll make a few calls right now, see if I can get some local flyshops to sponser.

That is the place I stayed at, the Riverside. Anyways, the one that BBT oraganized had an alright turnout, but I think we could do better. I will try to organize the clave a little more for us.

West Mich, we plan on having it the week before or after easter in April. May is a little late, but this year the runs might be extended a little later...who knows?

Just get the word out!

If you have any dates we can agree on please add them!

I might be out of town, and so might a few others. Lets shoot for the first weekend in May(2nd and 3rd) or depending on the run status possibly April 12th and 13th. We have to chose soon, but I want to leave the easter week and weekends open due to some clavers who cannot make it plus I will be out of town.

Sound fair? Who knows, we might have a later run this year and the first weekend on May might prove to be best!:D

Well the fish should still be around into earlier to mid May, and by then you will have alot more trout anglers on the water.

April is alot different then May usually, there is something about May that makes it seem more like spring. In April you can have snow in the morning, rain miday, and it can be 55deg and sunny by dusk.:rolleyes:

Well, your guys call!

That is the thing, not too many fish in early to mid may. End of April is best. I don't mind the weather, I fished just yesterday with it being only 17deg. I am looking at the weekend before easter, and I will contact a few more shops tonight. I will know the date by sometime at the end of this week for sure!
talked and talked....

Well I talked to a few flyshops today who seem somewhat intersted. I will keep trying to see what I can do, I mean...the more the merrier!

We can decide the final date sometime by the end of the week!:D
current status....

Ok here is the details and status as of right now.

Although the date has not been finalized, I can give you some news. We are shooting for the weekend before easter, April 12 and 13 and presumably it would be a two day event.

I did talk to a few dealers, outfitters and flyshops and we will be getting a few rods/reels for demos. I also talked to Craig Harris today and it looks like he is going to be helping us out. He just told me once we get the date, he would send some reels or he would bring them if he decided to come to the event.

Looks like we are going to have a blast, I will fill you in on the date ASAP.:D
we aren't sure

....not yet....I will know soon! Might be week before or week after easter!
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