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Since I had to tie some of these today, I thought I'd post a scan of one. As you can see, it is a Ally Shrimp style fly.

Pompier Shrimp

tip: oval gold
tail: yellow bucktail and yellow Kyrstal Flash
body: black floss
ribbing: oval gold
veiling: grey squirrel tail
wing: G.P. tippet tied flat
hackle: Green Highlander
head: red thread


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Flytyer,,,very nice.
Gaspe salmon are shivering at the thought of this one. I am looking at a few days on the York and Dartmouth and will definately try a few of these. The Pompier is one of my favorites and when you combine the Ally's style,,,well,, it should be interesting this summer.
Salmon Chaser
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