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Poll: Back-handed or Left-handed

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When you find yourself on the "wrong" side of the river do you cast back-handed or do you switch hands and cast "left-handed" (assuming your're right-handed)?

I always wanted to be an ambidextrous caster but it remain a goal at this point. I cast back-handed instead of switching hands most of the time.
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I backhand. While I have switched hands I have never been satisfied, especially in the power department. Many of the masters promote the backhand. Though I do not subscribe to Mike Maxwell's methods, he does state in his inimmiatble way that the backhand single spey will probably become one of your best casts (for me that is true). While Derek Brown casts extremely well with both hands, he does admit to a preference for keeping his strong hand at the top.

I have found that the cross-handed set-up makes it very difficult NOT to bring the rod into the correct firing position. Sometimes when casting over my right shoulder I get a little lazy and cast a bit sidearm or let my tip drop a bit too low ( I do this more often on short casts), when bringing the rod up into firing position over my left shoulder, however, you have no choice but keep the tip up - try it as you sit in front of your computer you will see that you cannot drop your right hand even if you wanted to.

This past Thompson season I injured my right elbow while fighting a wildfire that threatened our campground. Actually I tore up the muscles around the tendon that produces the dreaded tennis elbow. The severe case of this malady that I am still rehabing made my right shoulder deliveries difficult. While I didn't really figure it out until late in the season, the problem was that I was unconsciously protecting the tendon by not lifting the rod high enough. This of course resulted in too much anchor on the water and difficulty achieving the distances was acustomed to. Yet I could cast just fine backhanded as the natural motion keeps the elbow up. The backhand delivery saved my season and will always be part of my arsenal of casts.
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A spiral roll from the right bank solves a lot of problems. In fact it is the primary reason I started to fool with it in the first place. It was the success of the spiral roll that led me to the desire to perfect the backhand version instead of the single spey! In the end it was the problem with upstream winds that forced me to the single spey - though my right shoulder single still kind of sucks, the left shoulder version good - go figure. Actually, I attribute this to the aforementioned "natural" efficiency of the cross-hand set-up.

ps - the Canadian team will be back !
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