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Poll: Back-handed or Left-handed

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When you find yourself on the "wrong" side of the river do you cast back-handed or do you switch hands and cast "left-handed" (assuming your're right-handed)?

I always wanted to be an ambidextrous caster but it remain a goal at this point. I cast back-handed instead of switching hands most of the time.
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The biggest factor that creates a 'wrong side' situation is really the wind for me, because the double spey and snake roll (just learned it) solves the side of body part really effectively unless the wind is roaring up the right bank against a righty caster.

In that case I find that a snaptee and backhand (reverse) is really effective and some days I can even do the cast fairly well :rolleyes:

Doublespey and I watched Dec Hogan showing someone this cast up at Steelhead park two seasons ago... man, if I could only do it that well!

When I started out I always switched over to the lefthanded single spey or snaptee in these conditions. In fact I used to make myself fish lefty a lot just to force myself to get more comfortable with it. I remember my first all-lefty steelhead too, a nice fall hen on the Snoqualmie. Went right back to righty as a reward once I released her :devil:

I hope to continue a full rounded regimen as I learn more and more every year.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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