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It's subscription time again, that time of year when I ask everyone to open up their cheque books and help us keep things happening around here!

The Spey Pages and Spey Clave are popular places for spey casters to gather and share information unique to spey casting. Our members include enthusiasts, but also people who are actively involved in the tackle industry. Some of us own or work at fly shops, some of us work for tackle manufacturers, some of us teach casting schools, some of us are outdoor writers and photographers. The web has become a great place to gather free info, but we all know nothing is really free. Spey Pages, the Spey Clave, and the World Wide Flyfishing Forum are maintained by a small group of dedicated anglers who have a passion for providing our audience with useful and unique material and great forums that allow us to connect with like-minded souls. A large part of of our dedication is that we essentially work for free, and use a great deal of our own financial resources to purchase all that goes into building and maintaining a busy web site. We can't do this alone; we need your help too. So, consider a subscription to the Spey Pages newsletter; if you have a business, consider purchasing some advertising from us as well. If you are associated with a tackle company as a pro staffer, talk to your principles and get them to have a look at what we're doing here--web advertising is dirt cheap when you consider audience size. In short, you have the best of our efforts; we need your support!

For Spey Pages subscribers I offer The Spey Pages Newsletter. This is a resource designed to provide casters with in-depth instructional material that will help you make the most of your experiences with two-handed fly rods. A year's subscription (20 bucks US) gets you 6 issues, published every other month or so, with one or two articles per issue. Each article is feature length (2000-3000 words)--recent issues have included a 2-part series on the Snake Roll and "Bad Speys Made Good," a look at the Perry Poke and Triple Spey casts. I look at it this way--you get the newsletter for 10 bucks, and the other 10 bucks goes towards helping us maintain the site. When you consider that some print magazines cost 25 bucks or more per year and only give you an article or two that you might really find useful, it's a fair deal!

Thanks to everyone who has renewed their subscriptions so far, and to all new subscribers who have contacted me over the past few months.

If you'd like more information, contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]
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