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I purchased this spey rod at a local fly fishing event a few years ago and I don't know which rod model it is. The rod doesn't have any markings and seems to have been built from a blank. The builder did a good job and applied good rod building workmanship.

The rod is built on a 3 section brown colored blank. The overall length from the tip-top to the bottom of the handle is 14'. Each section is 57.5 " long. The top handle is 14" long and the bottom handle is 6.25" long. There are 10 guides, 2 stripper guides and the tip-top.

Here's the distance from the tip-top to the guides (from the tip-top to bottom stripper guide):
4.25", 9.75", 16.25", 24.25", 33.25", 43.75", 55", 67", 80.5", 94.75", 110.75", 128.5" .

I know it's a long shot, but can anyone identify this rod.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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looks like a text rod to me.

If it's been built up from a major manufacturer's blank we might be able to recognize it, but if it's unmarked it's probably a homebuilt so grip and guide specs won't help much, but seeing the reel seat might help date it. mebbe

Picture, picture!

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Hello.. Anglers Workshop IM6, from around 1996?? Should be rated 9/10, SINGLEHANDED rating. They were available in both 3 and 4piece, in various models. I have the 11foot, #6/7, and the 12foot 7/8, both 4piece. Finish is easy to scratch, as they have no protective finish, only a thiiin, brown layer, of some sort. Yours borano20
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