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Hey casting gurus- I'm trying to smooth out deliveries, and I'm having trouble getting rid of a pig tail that develops at the end of the forward loop. Sometime larger, some times smaller, and I haven't figure out a consistent cause or remedy.

From my view point s the caster, it appears to be a kind of spastic pig tail at the very end of the line, as it nears the turnover point, before the poly leader is turning over. It happens with both a Scandi and a Rage head.

Possible causes?-

B-Too much gas (with my lower hand, not as a result of my diet)
1-Bad anchor formation/placement
4th- Too much bug mass for the line wt/system
A- shock wave from rod bounce (could relate to point B above)
*-Misbehavior in past or current life, and karma nibbling away at me
#-All of the above
7- First world problems buddy, did you catch fish?

Appreciate any input.

Thanks from South Lima

Scandit sublima virtus
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for me, it's usually one of three things that do that:
1- bad anchor, slack leader
2-overpowering in last 1/2 of forward stroke
3-insufficient load achieved when arriving at key position.

it could be argued that 3 causes 2, and that's true, but they occur independently as well.

happy days,
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