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Piccolo Pete

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Hey fellas, noob fly tyer here, I'm really not all that good at this but it's therapeutic to sit and put one of these together and then fish it, a feeling of accomplishment to see a fish take something you've created.
This fly was inspired by a gift from a fellow speypages member, few weeks ago I had been trolling the net for skater patterns and stumbled on a blog from a fella named Todd, I really liked his take on the skater foam popper , that weekend i happened to be fishing and camping , next to my site a few fly fishermen were camped , one thing led to another and began to talk to one of them, turns out he was that guy with the blog with the cool skater pattern so he gifted me a skater.
Anyway I will stop rambling, please tell me what you guys think, be frank I need to learn!! I call this one piccolo Pete!!

Thanx a lot Todd (808steelheader)for the inspiration,


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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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