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Penn international swap

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I have a hardly used Penn international 4G anti reverse model which I would like to swap for a standard version with the fixed handle.

I want it match an existing standard version I also own to use on my 15 ft Loomis rods & don't need the anti reverse feature for this.

I used the reel for one week's fishing in Kenya several years ago, & actually only fished with it for 3 days as we were trolling most of the time. There is some minor "Rim Rash" where the anodising is worn away as it slid when I put it down in the boat in choppy conditions, but this is cosmetic only & the reel is mechanically perfect & includes the box, parts sheet, instruction pamphlet & spare click pins & springs in the little plastic zip lock bag.

There is also a padded red nylon reel case with the Penn logo - but if these come in different colours & you have say a blue one then I would like to retain the red one to match my existing reel case.

The reel is presently set up for Right Hand Wind, but can be swapped over (instructions in the pamphlet) & I will throw in an 12wt intermediate Cortland Tarpon Line, which I don't have a use for, together with a lot (350 yards +) of orange 30 lbs Dacron backing.

If anyone has the standard model & would like to swap it for the anti reverse version for use on big aggressive salt water species (or maybe really big kings if you've had your knuckles busted once too often) then please come back to me & I will organise some photos etc.

I live in the UK so suggest each covers their' own postage & insurance etc.

If no one has the gold version I would also consider the black coloured size 4 with the standard handle for a swap.

Best wishes, Tyke.


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