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Here is my offering for the Retirement Swap. I have posted this fly in the past, so it is nothing new. I selected this fly because of the confidence I have when it is knotted to the end of my leader. If I was pick one fly for the Deschutes, this would be it. As you can see the Peacock Muddler differs a bit from the original. Peacock tinsel for the body, peacock sword feathers for the underwing and strips of peacock wing for the wing. It’s an easy tie, even the muddled head. A special thanks to all who participated in the swap. It’s an awesome set of flies.

Peacock Muddler

Hook: TMC 700 or something like it.
Body: Peacock tinsel (Mylar)
Ribbing: Silver oval tinsel
Underwing: Peacock sword feathers
Wing: Strip of Peacock wing feather
Gills: Red seal or substitute
Head: Spun deer hair.

Start the tying thread just behind the eye of the hook. Secure in a length of oval tinsel followed by the flat Mylar.

Wrap the Mylar rearward trapping the oval tinsel as you go. When you reach the bend of the hook stop, then make return wraps to the tie in point.

Bring the rib forward making seven open turns.

Secure in a small clump of Peacock sword feathers. Gauge length a little longer than the bend of the hook.

Clip a strip of wing feather from the stem. Fold the strip in half. With the fold facing up secure in as a wing. For my muddlers I am not too picky, I just slap it on there.

Dub a small ball just in front of the wing. Try not to run any of the tying thread forward. You want the front of the hook free from any materials or tag ends. Doing so makes it a whole lot easier to spin the deer hair.

Clip a clump of deer hair from the hide. Clean all the fluff and uneven hairs from the clump. Using a hair stacker, stack the clump so all the tips are aligned. Gauge to length and clip the tag ends. Place the clump on top of the hook. Take two soft turns with the tying thread. On the third turn pull down tight. The hair should spin all the way around the hook. If you did it right there should be no need to clip the tag ends. Touch up a bit and give it a whip…

The wad of Muddlers waiting to be shipped out.


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Looking forward to getting one of those myself.

Thanks for all the great SBS's you've done over the years, Marty. I have learned a lot from you and am very grateful!

Hoping to see more, now that your retiring!


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Great ties & super steps!

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