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Ocean Falls...

The site of a cut and run Pulp Mill that went out of bussiness in the first wave of mill closuers they were selling houses there for dirt cheap. The Sea Run Cutthroat fishing there abouts is rated "Best in the World" by folks who know. Very remote area with lots of fresh water, big lakes with short rivers to the inside passages.
I think the pulp mill was operated by Crown Zellerbach. Once again there is no industry and few jobs in this area so there may not be a whole lot of local protest, but that may be a bum assumption on my part. I was reading someplace about a smallish tourist industry starting up at Ocean Falls a couple of years ago, haven't checked back to see how they are doing.
Its so far off the shipping lanes that I don't make it back in there on my travels back and forth to Alaska on my boat. Friends fly in with small float planes to partake of the spectacular sea run fishing.
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