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Man, this Thread Jurked Me Back 50 years!

I lived in Ocean Falls when I was a lad, Dad worked at the Crown Z mill until he got ill. That took us to Vancouver, BC and his stay in Hospital until he died.

Man, a flood of memories!

One tid-bit of history (I'll assume some truth to it) was years ago the BC Government looked into buying the entire town and turning it into an 'open prison.' 125 air miles to Van., other than the main logging road coming down the mountain, the nearest 'other road' was on the other side of the Selkirk Mountain Range. So it was by boat or nothing. (Remember Mom putting in her food order for a month at a time.)

Idea was that it rained 300+ days per year, no place to 'escape' and 'go ahead if you want to try.' Are we having fun Mr. Prisoner??? Huge lake behind the town (Link Lake?) that had an outstanding fishery; and the ocean at the front door.

Back in the 90's Marin County, CA was going to 'purchase' all the free water coming out of the lake (millions of gallons per day and litterly 'pure as wind driven snow') and tanker it down to CA. Sounds strange, but the numbers suggested it would have been far more cost effective than trying to tap into water from the Sierra's. Deal was 'ok-ed' by the BC Gov., but the Canadian Fed's put the squash to it. Thought it might build a precident they'd not want to live with elsewhere.

God the memories!!!!!!:D
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