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An environmental group called, Living Oceans Society is planning peaceful protests throughout the the world on the 15th of January. The reason for the protest is for the protection of wild salmon and the coastal communities that depend on their survival.

Omega Salmon, a fish farm corporation owned by Norwegian giant Pan Fish, is building a monstrous Alantic salmon hatchery in Ocean Falls, between Bella and Bella Coola. This hatchery promises a supply of up to 10 million smolts per turnover. Pan Fish is intent on expanding into most pristine reaches of salmon ecosystems left in Canada.

There is no question in my mind that these protests are a combined effort between environmentalists and the commercial salmon fish industry. But like all environmental issues these days with so much unfavorable goverment acts against the environment I see no problem with sleeping with what some would call an enemy to dispearse of a greater enemy. Hope that if you can find the time to attend one of these peaceful protest you will do so. I for one have not been to a protest for 3 years now,(WTO) and need one to revive the soul a bit and renew my faith that we can make a difference.

Locations of protests:

Ocean Falls.
At construction site of new hatchery, Noon time.
Contact: Ian McAllister - (250) 881-2235.

North American PanFish HQ 8th Ave NW Seattle.
Time: 2 pm
Contact: Anne Mosness [email protected]

Campbell River
Location: Details pending
Contact: Greg Higgs (250) 799-5800

Vancouver, BC
Location: Norwegian Consulate, 200 Burrard Street, Vancouver.
Time: 10:00am
Contact: Theresa Rothenbush (250) 655-1229

Hanburg, Germany.

Hong Kong.

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Sounds like a great place to be a kid growing up, Fred. Is that where you started fishing? From yours and Moonlights description I will be putting Ocean Falls as a place to stop into when I'm lucky enough in the next few years to sail my sloop up into Alaska waters and then back down the west side of Vancouver Island.

Most of the protest in this area will come from both First Nations in the area. The Heiltsuk and Nuxalk Nations.
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