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Partridge 'Nordic Single'

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My first posting - but I'd like to thank all of you who do post on this site for the excellent advise you provide on all aspects of spey fishing.

I am hotly pursuing the Partridge Nordic Single hooks touted as one of the best options for tube flies.

Of course Hunters has run out of them and they are on back order. Its unclear to me from the Partridge site which Carp model these are - perhaps discontinued, perhaps replaced by a new but appropriate model.

Does anyone know of any other sources? Or do you have the actual serial/name of the carp hooks from the Partridge packaging? Or do I have to bug my family back in England to go shopping in Carp specialist shops?!! Believe me, I remember what that means, these places have blacked out windows and unlisted telephone numbers!

Desperately hoping to have these hooks soon for my first Skagit trip.....

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Nordic Singles (hooks, not unmarried scandinavians)

Hello Will--welcome aboard and thanks for the kudos!

I LOVE these hooks for tubes--they are awesome. The model number I have on the packaging is MM3ST, and I get mine from Hunters. If they are out of stock it is probably my fault as between me, kush, doublespey and a few others on this site we ordered a whole whack of 'em last fall. :eek:

I believe these were originally called the Boilie (sp?) Carp Hook. Back before I found them at Hunters I contacted a few shops in the UK and they hadn't heard of the Nordic Single Tube Fly Hook and when I told them what I believed to be the original name were horrified (really) that I would ask them for a carp hook ("We only sell game fishing tackle") so unfortunately I didn't get anywhere.

Let us know if and where you can source them in the UK so we can order them up when Hunters is out!
Friendly London Tackle dealer

Send Andy Wren a personal message email, he runs a taclke shop in London he will sort you out remember the time difference.

If stuck drop me a line and I will see what I can do, I live in Scotland.


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Advertising rules ?

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Do we have Terms of Usage for the forumn, probably a good time to reread them and remind everyone.

I guess when we signed up, we went through a User Agreement Click Through" screen, but I have forgotten what they were.

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Dana and Malcolm,

Thanks for the pointers - the fact that Dana and Mr Kushner were responsible for a) doing the ground truthing on these hooks, b) providing the advice, but then c) Buying them all - was not lost on me!

As for the frosty reply from a game shop in the UK, you remind me of a famous "outraged british" story about a champion jockey called Lester Piggott. He was taken out by the aristocracy on a very smart pheasant hunt, where tradition rules every step. Late in the day, having not had much luck, he was found by Lord X following a pheasant with his gun as it ran back and forth along a fence. "Lester, what the hell do you think you are doing?" asked the outraged estate owner, to which Lester replied "I'm waiting for the bugger to stand still".

I'll sign you up on some specialist Carp sites. (unless you send me a couple of those hooks)...

And will report back on obtaining the hooks direct from the UK.

In what ways is this hook different than the Tiemco 105?
I think Fred Evans should have some carp hooks which Willy Gunn sent him.

Fred are these the ones you guys want?
Andy W
Carp Hooks

I hve the hook package right here which Willie Gunn sent for his AS flies here it is.

Partridge of Redditch

Jack Hilton Carp

Black Nickle

Size 1 - Qty 10


Very nice stout hooks I must say.

Let me know where I can get them, as I am tying up some tubes,
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Willie Graced my morning mail with several packages of

The Partridge of Reddich "Jack Hilton Carp" hooks.

He sent over a couple of packages of # 6 and #8's and a package of size 4's. The hooks come in black and what they call a black nickle which is a very dull crome hook (not the normal crome colour). All ring eyed. Thing I found a bit unusual, at least as far as the photo's I've seen of "carp hooks," I expected a point that turned upward. These are 'straight point' but a fine needle, and sharp as hell right out of the package.

Look very similar to the Tem's 105's but longer shank by far. Suspect just the extra length, and 'hypo sized/sharp" point will be just enough to get the buggers a bit farther beyond the tail end of the fly and increase hook-ups. Will test drive some this evening. With all that's been going on the past 72 hrs, think I need some 'alone time.'

The Nordic Singles are;

- not off-set
- more of "circle-hook" aspect (they hook and hold very well on
downstream take)
- they come in a full range of sizes
- they are black instead of bronze
hook availability

I went to the Partridge Web page, ([email protected]) and sent a message asking for help in getting this hook. In a day or so, I got a reply from Tracey Marshall in Partridge's UK office stating that the hook has been discontinue, but that they had a supply in England. I was able to purchase them directly from Partridge and a much reduced price compared to Hunters

This hook is very similar to the Tiemco 105 but has much heavier wire. Because of this it is almost identical in size to the Daiichi X510. The Tiemco 105 fits better in 1/8 " tubes becasue of the smaller wire. The Partridge and Daiichi almost have to be set in a peice of poly tubing
picture of the Jack Hilton Carp hooks?

if anyone has a scan of these hooks put one up so we can have a look and compare with the Nordics.
Scan posting of the Jack Hilton 'carp' hooks.

I'll ask Joan to do so tonight and post on the board.
Carp Hooks.

Hey guys,
I am not to familiar with the Nordic hooks you all are referring to, but Gamakatsu makes a Carp hook that you might be interested in, they are called the G-Carp Specialist hook, very short, heavy wire and straight eye. This might be easier to get than the nordic ones.
If you want I can post a picture of the 2 different kinds I have.
I think you'll like them.

The Flymaster.
post 'em please!

do you know what size range they come in?
Gamakatsu Hook.

Here is that Gamakatsu Hook with the package(frt and back).
I hope you can tell by the picture what the hook looks like.
This is a size 1, I know they come smaller, but am not sure if they come bigger, I'm pretty sure they would as a 25LBS Carp has a pretty big mouth. :eek:

The Flymaster.


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these look a lot like the Nordic single, Flymaster. Where'd you get 'em?
I just got off the phone with Partridges in the UK - 44 1527 597 222, Fax is 44 1527 597 111.

They are still making the Nordic Single Hook or MM3ST, and will mail order them. The price is a significant saving on Hunters listed price. Hunters has them in a range of sizes smaller than four, and has the fours on back order currently.

I once came across a really good explanation of how the different elements of hook design play out in hooking and landing fish on the web, which I'll try to find again. In the meantime, does anyone else know of a good technical document on this i.e. the impact of different offsets, shank length etc? I'd like to find out a little more, though only enough to confirm some theories, as I'm pretty convinced by your testing of this hook! Thanks for all the help.


thanks for the info, Will--I was worried that I'd go back to losing all those downstream-taking fish, although that Gamy hook looks like it might do the trick. I'll be picking up a pack or two of those "just in case."
sorry I missed your note, pm!

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