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There is a cool one page article in American Angler this month called "Spey-Cat Strut (p. 9). It's about an angler (who I believe is a member of this board) who uses a two handed salmon rod for large catfish in the Canadian Mid-West. Stand up and take a bow, that's really AWESOME.

First, I'd really like to hear more, flies, types of water, hero shots, etc.

Second, and possibly more entertaining, who else out there is using two handers for something other than Salmon and Steelhead. Some of the obvious are saltwater anglers, but what other frontiers are out there? Personally, I shad fish with my smaller 13' 8 weight. Carp anyone, sturgeon, Peacock bass, Taimen, Sailfish, by-catch?


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I've got many, many carp on the fly with my spey rods in both rivers and lakes. Some catfish, too. Also bluegill (ever see a flying bluegill?)

I also caught some bluefish back in the day (1998) near Chelsea Pier area in NYC on a hexagraph 15' er with a freshwater (Mickey Finn!) size 2 streamer.

Anyone caught anything really big (50lbs+) on a two hander?

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Hi Wilson- the AA bit is just the tip of the warmwater FF,ing iceburg here:))). Kudos to AA for giving some coverage to two offbeat pursuits in one:). I think suspect there are many under-utilized fisheries being " driven past" that would provide a lot of interesting fly fishing, in places where salmonids are less common. In many of those fisheries a spey approach may well be a viable alternative to some of the probs. of fishing them with a SH outfit.

The main fisheries for cats/carp etc are local large tailwaters- summer flows in the 3,000-4,000 CFS and spring flows up to 40,000 CFS -depending on the year. Main river is 750 ft wide with a regularly fished trib that,s around 400 ft wide. Both are wadeable in the right flows and in the right spots:)
Patterns I use generally- modified ally,s shrimp, clousers for the cats and nymphs for the carp.
Rigs are -
17' 10/11/12 with Airflo fast inter Speycaster with tips
15' 10/11 with xlt cut for tips/Airflo fast inter Speycaster with tips
12'6 7/8 with a Beulah floating line and poly leaders
11'6 6/7 with a Cortland DT and poly leaders

other species-

Bigmouth Buffalo
Channel Cats
Smallmouth Bass

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