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I have a friend who is an Orvis dealer so I've had a chance to see most of their rods. I own the Trident 12'6" 8 weight. This is the same rod Dana also reviews under his rod reviews.

This is a nice rod. Casts very nicely with a medium fast action. The old Trident models had nice workmanship with wooden seat and gold fittings.It's very light at ~7 1/2 oz. I like it best with a WC or Delta in the 7/8 range but if you like more load a 8/9 works also.

The new line is not nearly as nice asthetically with all black aluminum reel seat and a blac finish which is not nearly as nice as the deep green finish on the old Tridents. However, with these changes the price has dropped from 500 - 650 to 275 - 450. Much more affordable.

The new blanks appear to be very similair to the old ones if not the same.
The 12'6" 7/8 appears to be the same blank as my rod and is good all around rod for most of the GL and I have fished it on the Deschutes and Umpqua.

I agree with Peter that even within the price range there are a few rods that are probably better, but thats very subjective. I would definitely reccomend trying them. If you can find a good deal on a used Trident I would definitely consider it.

The Trident was when Orvis introduced their vibration dampening technology, but I honestly don't know if that feature continues in the new line.

Good Luck
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